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Fort Hood Central Texas (Copperas Cove, Killeen, Harker Heights, Temple, Gatesville, Topsey, Kempner, Lampasas, Oakalla, Briggs)

Thanks for checking out my blog! Check back often for an inside look at my sessions, more photos of my Brand News, & maybe some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. I love sharing sneak peeks of these amazing babies with you, and I hope you can see thru my work how much I am blessed by this job. I absolutely love it. 

Much love & happiness ~Kathryn

Brand New Photography Meets Baby Rylan

December 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Brand New Baby Rylan was such a handsome boy, and a great sleeper. Just check out his curly hair and adorable lips. He's a Central Texas boy and a Dallas Cowboys fan from birth-  that was fun to incorporate into his session. He's perfect in every way!

OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0102OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0102 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0103OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0103 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0104OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0104 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0105OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0105 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0101OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Rylan_0101

Brand New Photography Meets Baby Bear

December 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This little man was about a month old for his debut photos, but he didn't let that stop him from snoozing a couple hours away. What a handsome little guy- His name is Bear, and he is the firstborn son of a local Law Enforcement Officer. He is also the son of an amazing woman who graduated from Baylor University right here in Central Texas. I was proud to incorporate some of that history into his photos, and really just fall in love with Bear's amazing eyelashes and hair. He's sooooooooo handsome! 
OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0102OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0102 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0101OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0101 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0103OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0103 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0104OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0104 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0105OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Bear_0105

Brand New Photography Meets Baby Amoriah

November 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I loved meeting Brand New Amoriah. She was one of my first sessions to start off the new year in a new space, and she was a dream to work with. So chunky and that gorgeous skin- she's beautiful! Thanks for bringing her out to see me, Mom! 

Central Texas Copperas Cove Newborn Photographer
Studio Baby Portraits

OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0101OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0101 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0102OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0102 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0104OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0104 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0103OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0103 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0105OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Amoriah_0105

Lauren's Mommy & Me Session

November 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Brand New Photography meets Lauren and her gorgeous children for a Mother's Day session at Central Texas College near beautiful Fort Hood, Texas. Not only is Lauren the mother of these two beautiful girls, we were also celebrating the new life she has growing inside her. I love capturing so much love! 
OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0119OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0119 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0120OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0120 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0116OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0116 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0115OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0115 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0117OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0117 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0118OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0118

Brand New Photography Meets Mom-to-be Janell

November 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was happy to photograph this amazing mom-to-be in the great outdoors of Central Texas. Isn't she lovely? Her little man came just a few weeks after these portraits, and I'm so glad we got the opportunity to meet and capture this lovely memory for her.  

OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0111OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0111 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0106OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0106 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0104OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0104 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0103OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0103 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0109OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0109 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0102OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0102 OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0101OnlyBrandNewOncePhotography-Janell_0101

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